San Bernardino Storage & Shipping Containers for Sale

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Looking for the ideal storage, shipping and CONEX cargo containers? Well, here at Aztec Containers, we have what you are looking for when it comes to storage containers in San Bernardino, California. Few other suppliers can offer products of the same quality and durability as ours.

Our storage containers are made from 6' to 8' gauge steel. These mega-sized storage units are built to endure the perils of shipping, which makes them the reliable and secure for your storage space problems. A storage container from us will also feature one-inch thick wood floors, for stable footing and a level base that will hold shelves and cabinets. Our containers can easily accommodate all types of objects, from sensitive machinery to common furniture.

We offer storage containers that can have refrigeration or insulation too, so you can be sure that your temperature-sensitive materials are also kept in check.

Indeed, you can be sure about whom to rely on when it comes to getting the right storage container. Businesses and companies, like yours, can stay confident about the security of storage space because at Aztec Containers, your items are in good hands.

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