Build a DIY Workshop from a Storage Container Video

Before someone decides they need a workshop separate from the main house, they usually go through several stages of denial. They may start out with their tools stored on shelves and just bringing them out when they’re building something. Then, they start into projects that take several days or several weekends, and the back deck or the den becomes a temporary jobsite until the project is done.

When hand tools just won’t do anymore, table saws, drill presses, bench vices and other heavy equipment needs a permanent home. That often starts out by repurposing the basement or the family garage. Hauling wood up and down the basement stairs gets old pretty quick, as does scraping the ice and snow off the family cars when there’s a perfectly good garage that was part of the reason why you chose this house in the first place.

By the end of the first winter, most have decided that they need a separate workshop building. Something like a storage shed. By the time you price out good lumber, roofing, and all the other materials (because you want it to last more than a year or two), it’s just as cheap to buy a ready-made building and have it delivered.

With a converted shipping container, you can have the basic building ready-made, and customize it yourself or you can have the supplier make the modifications you want (oversized doors and windows, for example. In this video, you’ll see how these DIY builders transform an old beat-up shipping container into a high, quality, versatile workshop.

Of course, making major modifications to the exterior or the steel storage container requires cutting through eight-gauge steel. If you’re not comfortable with that kind of work, then it’s best left to an expert. Storage container suppliers such as Aztec Containers can provide all sorts of standard and custom modifications.  The entire side wall can be replaced with roll-up or fold-away metal doors, for example. Electrical outlets and lighting can be added, and for those who like to work in real comfort, air conditioning can be installed.

With the help of the professional storage container customizers, there is almost no limit to what can be done. The interior can be completely finished for use as a professional office, that is every bit as stable and elegant as a downtown office-building.



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