custom shipping container
Making a memorable customer experience is key to bringing in both new business and loyal repeat customers alike. Consumers are constantly searching for fresh, new experiences, and they’re looking to independently owned local spots to get them. If you’re a small business owner, this presents you with a huge opportunity to capitalize on this growing trend and provide an exciting destination where the building itself is a highlight of their visit. That’s where the shipping container comes in. Like we’ve mentioned before, shipping containers make surprisingly versatile buildings. When customized to fit a specific need, or to accentuate the quaint or quirky nature of your business, a shipping container can attract just the kind of clientele who are looking to visit someplace a bit outside the box. Here are 5 reasons to consider a custom shipping container for your business.

1. They can be outfitted with all the normal office amenities

While shipping containers are great when used as storefronts, convention displays, or other extensions of your business, they really shine when they’re the centerpiece of it all. You can custom-fit a shipping container of any size with lighting and electrical outlets for office use, food prep, or any other function, as well as plumbing for sinks, refrigeration, and even bathrooms.

2. They perfectly embody the “industrial chic” aesthetic.

Visit any cafe, gastropub, or other small business, and you’ll quickly see that what’s old is new again. Industrial chic utilizes shades of brown, orange, and grey, with materials such as corrugated steel, brick, exposed pipes, and even old, used machinery parts. It’s a popular look that captures the DIY philosophy of small businesses, and it’s one that shipping containers can capably meet.

3. They’re relatively easy to move.

Can you imagine how much easier your life would be if you could move your concession stand, portable bar, food trailer, or merch display from location to location without having to spend a ton of time setting up? That’s the attraction of a pop-up shop. Even if you’re normally working out of a typical brick and mortar, a pop-up shop gives you additional flexibility and opportunities for brand awareness. Hauling a pop-up shipping container is easy with a few modifications, allowing you to put your business on the go and in front of brand new customers. While the square footage of a 20’ or 40’ shipping container leaves lots of elbow room, a compact 10’ container is just the right size when you want to easily load up and move onto the next opportunity.

4. They save on labor and maintenance costs.

A brick and mortar building can be costly to upkeep. Hiring a crew to clean up or regularly maintain your structure (or set up shop if you have a mobile structure) is just one more expense you can reduce by using a shipping container as your place of business. There’s no need to erect the framework — the building is structurally sound from the get-go. All you’re left to do is hook up electricity and plumbing, and you’re open for business.

5. They can feature customized security.

Security is a priority for any business.  As they are, normal shipping containers aren’t lacking in those features. The walls are made from sturdy steel, and they’re generally aren’t any windows for unsavory types to poke their noses into (although you can add those if you want to). But you can expand your building’s security options with custom features such as roll-up garage doors, security cameras, blinds, and passcode-entry requirements via an electronic keypad. Folks these days crave novelty. Whether going out for coffee or a full-blown night on the town, they’re constantly seeking a fresh spin on tried and true outings, something to make memories over. With a custom shipping container serving as your brick-and-mortar location or a mobile storefront, your business can separate you from your competitors. Visit Aztec Container to learn more.
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