Refrigerated Shipping Containers

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20 Foot Refrigerated (Reefer) Container

The 20-foot refrigerated container is a portable, temperature-controlled unit ideal for shipping and storing perishable goods. It provides reliable cooling to maintain the integrity of food, pharmaceuticals, and other sensitive items, ensuring consistent temperatures throughout transportation and storage.

20’ x 8’ x 8’

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40 Foot Refrigerated (Reefer) Container

The 40-foot refrigerated container is a spacious, temperature-controlled unit designed for large-scale shipping and storage of perishable goods. It provides reliable cooling, ensuring the safe transportation and storage of food, pharmaceuticals, and other sensitive items, maintaining consistent temperatures across its ample interior.

Typically 40′ x 8′

reefer shipping container

20 Foot Insulated Container

The 20-foot insulated container is a portable unit designed for moderate temperature control, ideal for storing and transporting goods that require insulation without active cooling. It features insulated walls that reduce temperature fluctuations, making it suitable for various products, including certain foods, pharmaceuticals, and electronics.

20′ x 8′ x 8.6′

new reefer shipping container with a light

40 Foot Insulated Container

The 40-foot insulated container is a spacious unit providing consistent internal temperatures for goods requiring insulation without active cooling mechanisms. Its insulated walls reduce temperature fluctuations, making it an ideal choice for large-scale storage and transportation of moderately temperature-sensitive items, including food, pharmaceuticals, and electronics.

8‘ x 40′ long x 9’6


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Aztec Container offers a diverse range of refrigerated shipping containers (reefer containers), perfect for cold storage solutions. Our containers maintain optimal temperatures, ensuring your products remain fresh and temperature-controlled during transportation and storage.

Refrigerated Containers Offered by Aztec Container

  • Refrigerated Shipping Containers (Reefers): For transporting goods that require consistent temperatures. Available in 20 ft and 40 ft.
  • Cold Storage Containers: For stationary storage at business locations or temporary solutions for events. Available in 20 ft in 40 ft.
  • Insulated Containers: Designed for consistent internal temperatures without active cooling or heating mechanisms. Ideal for goods that need moderate temperature control during storage or shipping. Available in 20 ft and 40 ft.

New One Trip Refrigerated Containers

New one trip containers have been used only once when shipped from their overseas manufacturer. They are in excellent condition, the refrigeration unit works great and are reliable, cargo doors are easy to open & close and the unit can get extremely cold.

New One Trip Specifications:

  • ThermoKing Magnum (1-year warranty
  • Safety door
  • Interior lights
  • PVC curtain

Used Refrigerated Shipping Containers

Used shipping containers are the best choice for you are looking for less expensive cold storage solution. The refrigeration units are pre tripped to make sure the units are operating normally before shipping to your location. This is a quick and easy solution for your cold storage needs on your property.

Sales are available Nationwide and Rentals are available in California.
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Available Sizes:

About Refrigerated Shipping Containers:

A refrigerated shipping container or reefer is an intermodal container used on site as a refrigerator or freezer. Ideal for restaurants, farming operations, packing houses and any other business that requires cold storage. We carry both used and new one trip units. They require 3 phase power and can run on either 440-volt power or 220-volt power with a transformer. Refrigerated containers are capable of controlling temperature ranging from 31 to -35 Celsius or 86 to -31 Fahrenheit.

Refrigerated shipping containers are large, insulated boxes that can be used to store goods. They’re often used for food and other perishables because they keep the items cold without having to use ice or refrigerators.

Now you can buy refrigerated shipping containers from Aztec Container directly from our website.

What are the benefits of using refrigerated containers for storage?

There are many benefits to using refrigerated shipping containers for storage. These containers maintain a consistent cold temperature, making it easier to store items and protect them from damage. They’re also easy to move around, which makes them a good choice for businesses that need quick access to their products.

The main benefits of using refrigerated shipping containers for storage include the following:

  • Maintains a consistent temperature – This is important because it makes it easier to store items and protect them from damage. Items in a refrigerator stay at an even temperature, which means they don’t get too hot or cold and they’re less likely to be damaged.
  • Easily movable – Refrigerated shipping containers are easy to move around, which means you can use them where space is limited, or you need quick access to your products. This is especially useful if you run your business out of home office or if you have several stores across town that need access to your inventory at the same time.
  • Good choice for businesses with quick turnaround times – A refrigerator can help speed up the process of getting products into customers’ hands by keeping them cool and safe until they’re ready for use. This is especially helpful when there’s a short turnaround time for a specific perishable product.

How do refrigerated storage containers work?

Refrigerated shipping containers are often used to store food. These containers are made of insulated materials and can hold a large amount of perishable food.

A reefer storage container works by using cold air and well-insulated walls to keep the food frozen. This allows the food to be stored without having to use ice. All reefers require three-phase electrical and can run on either 440 volts, or a transformer can be installed to have it run on 220 volts.

What are the different types of refrigerated shipping containers for storage?

There are a variety of different types of refrigerated shipping containers for storage, each with its own benefits.

Each type of refrigerated shipping container has its own advantages and disadvantages. The standard refrigerator container is typically the cheapest option and is best suited for storing food that doesn’t require special care or preservation, such as frozen foods. The reefer container is better suited for storing perishable items like food that needs to be kept at a constant temperature but can also handle fluctuations in temperature well due to its insulated walls. The temperature-controlled container is perfect for storing items that require extreme temperatures or protection from moisture damage, like pharmaceuticals or sensitive electronic parts.

Sizes and dimensions of refrigerated shipping containers for storage

20ft refrigerated shipping containers

The exterior dimensions of a 20ft refrigerated shipping container are:

Length: 20 ft.
Width: 8 ft.
Height: 8 ft.

These dimensions are based on ISO standards, which are widely accepted throughout the world as the best way to measure container sizes and shapes.

40ft refrigerated shipping containers

A refrigerated shipping container is a large, rectangular metal box that can be used to store perishable food. These containers are typically 40 feet long and 8 feet wide.

40ft HC refrigerated shipping container dimensions

The dimensions of a 40ft HC refrigerated shipping container are 8‘ wide by 40′ long by 9’6 high outside dimensions.

40ft HC refrigerated shipping container is the most common size used for storage. This size is convenient for businesses that need to store large items.

These dimensions make the container ideal for storing a large quantity of perishable items, such as food and flowers. This size is also popular because it’s large enough to hold many items but not so large that it takes up too much space.

How do you choose the right refrigerated container for your storage needs?

There are a few things to consider when choosing a refrigerated shipping container for your storage needs.

The size of the container is one important factor, as is the average temperature where you will be storing it. You also need to be aware that reefer containers all come with R30 insulation and ventilation that will be best for your environment. The reefers only come in R30 insulation. This is the only option for insulation.

You should also look at the dimensions and weight restrictions of the specific reefer containers available, in order to make sure they are compatible with your loading equipment.

Once you have determined all these factors, you can begin comparing prices and specifications between different containers sold by Aztec Container.

How do you maintain a refrigerated shipping container for storage?

To maintain a refrigerated shipping container for storage, you need to keep it clean and dry. You should also make sure that the insulation is in good condition and that the seals are intact. Last but not least, having the correct electrical setup is extremely important.

How do you troubleshoot refrigerated shipping containers for storage?

Troubleshooting refrigerated shipping containers for storage can be difficult, but here are a few steps you can take to help:

  1. Check the temperature and humidity levels inside the container. If they’re not within normal ranges, it may mean that something is wrong with the unit itself. This can also mean that the doors are possibly being left open.
  2. Make sure all ventilation systems are working properly and that no drafts are entering or exiting the container. This could indicate a problem with one of the components of the unit or with the ventilation system itself.
  3. Test any electrical connections between components inside the container and make sure they’re secure – if they aren’t, this could be an indication of a faulty component or wiring in general.

Buy & rent refrigerated shipping containers for storage at the best price

Refrigerated shipping containers are a great option for storing items in cold weather. You can buy or rent them to store your items in the best possible conditions. You can use refrigerated shipping containers for storage of any size, and they’re perfect for businesses that need to keep their inventory cold.

You can find refrigerated shipping containers at the best price for sale nationwide, or for rent in California, here at Aztec Container.

Why are reefer storage containers so practical for so many industries?

Refrigerated shipping containers are perfect for storing food, flowers, and produce because they’re temperature controlled. This means that the items will stay safe and fresh during transport. Plus, refrigerated storage is much more practical than traditional storage methods like basements or garages. Refrigerated shipping containers can be placed in warehouses or at retail stores to keep products fresh and available to customers on-demand.

How can you observe the temperature inside the reefer container?

To observe the temperature inside a refrigerated shipping container, you can check it on a display located outside your container.

If you want to keep your food or other products fresh and safe, you’ll need to keep the temperature inside your reefer container from rising too high.

To do this, you can use a refrigerated shipping container cooling system. These systems are designed to control the temperature inside reefer containers.

Reefer container cooling systems are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. Some can be installed by yourself, while others must be professionally installed.

How cold can a refrigerated container get?

Refrigerated shipping containers can be used as a freezer and can get well below zero. This is because the containers are insulated and climate controlled.

Because refrigerated shipping containers are insulated and climate-controlled, they can keep food and other items cold even in the harshest conditions. This means that you can ship perishables (like meat) in a reefer container without worrying about it going bad.

When do you need refrigerated storage?

Refrigerated storage is a great option for businesses that need to store perishable items, such as food or flowers. These containers keep these products fresh and free from damage caused by humidity and temperature fluctuations.

There are a few factors to consider when deciding whether refrigerated storage is the right solution for your business. First, you’ll want to make sure that your products qualify for refrigerated storage. Second, you’ll need to determine how much space you’ll need and which type and size of container will work best for your needs. Third, you’ll need to decide if you want monthly rental (if you are in the State of California only) or prefer to purchase your container from Aztec – each option has its own pros and cons. Finally, you need to check if the correct electrical setup is available at your delivery site.

Refrigerated shipping containers are an ideal solution for businesses that need safe and reliable storage for perishable items. Contact us as Aztec Container today to learn more about our inventory and services!


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