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Too Big or Too Small?
What Sizes Do Shipping Containers Come In?

Once upon a time, shipping containers were used for one thing: shipping.
As engineers and crafty people have gotten creative with the use of these self-contained vessels, a lot of really great uses have evolved out of the standard shipping-container situation. Today, people make homes, plant gardens, and operate entire businesses out of these structures. Times have certainly changed, and if you’re looking for a way to increase storage space or optimize the real estate of your property, shipping containers may be the best option.
So, how do you know which shipping container is best for your needs? Let’s take a look!

10-Foot Storage Containers

When you’re looking at shipping containers for sale, 10-foot units are typically the entry-level size. As the most economic size in the market, 10-foot models are usually large enough to take care of most residential buyers’ needs. Homeowners who are just looking for extra storage in their backyards often find 10-foot storage containers are the perfect size—offering substantial additional storage space without impeding their backyard landscapes.
Commercially, 10-foot storage containers are ideal for a number of business needs, including:

  • Guard shacks & ticket booths: With an internal space that’s large enough to comfortably accommodate a staff member or two— as well as all the other elements he or she would need to successfully guard entrances or sell tickets—10-foot storage containers offer a versatile solution for an assortment of organizations. When used for these purposes, 10-foot units are designed with windows, doors on the front or side, and ventilation, and electrical;
  • Additional storage space. It’s important for companies’ properties to stay clear of clutter. 10-foot storage containers provide portable storage solutions that enable businesses to eliminate eyesores and excessive equipment without actually getting rid of it. Whether simply used as a place to stow seasonal accessories, or acting as a permanent place to put replacement parts, 10-foot shipping containers with roll-up doors allow easy access to organizations’ extra items.

20-Foot Storage Containers

Organizations that are in search of shipping containers for rent often do well with 20-foot containers. This is the middle option, which usually falls into the not-too-big and not-too-small category for a lot of schools’ and companies’ needs.

As the middle-of-the-road size, 20-foot storage units can fulfill an assortment of needs, from storage (the obvious answer) to ultra-functionality by way of:

  • Concession stands: Schools and stadiums realize great benefits from 20-foot units when it’s time to dole out snacks and drinks. They provide easy storage on one side of the container while making customers accessible by way of pass-through windows on the other
  • Refrigerated storage: Finding a quality place to store food where it’ll be safe from fluctuating temperatures is imperative for anyone whose business model revolves around edible items. 20-foot refrigerated storage containers not only offer secure storage from the perspective of inventory control—they keep the valuable products housed within their walls from spoiling or being subjected to temperatures that aren’t optimal
  • Vehicle storage: 20-foot containers are large enough to hold most residential vehicles, including pickup trucks. They be used as static storage or active shipping.

40-Foot Storage Containers

40-foot storage containers are among the largest options for portable storage and temporary office spaces. These units are often used by schools and businesses that need to add “people space” to their properties. The large size affords manufacturers to produce 40-foot storage containers in a variety of designs, including:

  • Offices, classrooms, reception areas, and testing centers that come equipped with sinks and toilets
  • Custom living quarters, such as dormitories that include shower facilities
  • Multi-roll-up doors, with a number of access points along the side of the structure
  • Full-side open units, which are ideal for sensitive products and materials that need to be stored in thermal climate-controlled or refrigerated environments.

Which Shipping Container is Right for You?

If you’re new to the world of storage containers, you might feel a little overwhelmed at this point, but that’s okay. Experienced storage-solution experts will walk you through the process so you find the size, shape, and functionality that fits your unique needs best.
A one-person ticket booth doesn’t need to be 40-feet long. On the other hand, it would be an awful idea to try to fit 20 students inside a 10-foot structure. You won’t be able to ship your car across the country in a 10-foot shipping container, but you probably don’t need to opt for the largest storage option, either.

The purpose of your project will ultimately determine which shipping containers are too small, too large, and just right for your organization.

Aztec Container is your go-to place for storage containers of all sizes. Whether you’re looking for additional storage space—or you need to add on to the functional pieces of your real estate—we’ve got you covered. 

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