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Let’s look at some of the ways a reefer container can be put to good use, and how to make it all work smoothly.

A refrigerated shipping container, or reefer container as they are commonly called, is the standard for transporting perishable food goods all over the world. And while they excel in this application, many reefer containers go on to be repurposed for other uses within a variety of different industries. After all, it’s no secret that shipping containers make sturdy storage spaces, and that versatility is only enhanced when you consider their climate control capabilities.

Reefer containers: on-site food refrigeration made easy

As we said, refrigerated shipping containers are traditionally used to transport food. However, while most reefers on the market (such as the ones typically sold by Aztec Container are not used to transport goods, they can still find a use in the food industry, albeit a more stationary one. Refrigerated shipping containers have practically unlimited applications when used for on-site cold food storage. Whether you need a meat freezer or a cold-room storage unit for your brewery, a reefer container easily meets your needs for a large, icy, stationary space.

Another use is to literally use the reefer as a giant refrigerator for a large event, such as a wedding reception, sports game, party, or other celebration that will require feeding a large population. There is no need to quickly transport food from the store or manufacturer, as you can have the fridge on-site storing everything needed for a proper feast.

Seasonal food storage is another application for reefer containers. Packing houses, which primarily deal with fruit, or other businesses that deal with seasonal foods, such as turkeys at Thanksgiving and hams at Christmas, can find great use from refrigerator containers. Businesses such as these need a cost-effective cold storage solution for only a few months a year; paying for or renting a brick and mortar space may not be financially sound. However, the mobility and efficient square footage of refrigerator containers make them ideal for such seasonal needs, all while benefiting the business’s bottom line.

How to power your onsite reefer

So, how to power your reefer container? Traditionally, reefers that were traveling overseas were powered by the ship’s power supply. Since you are likely using your shipping container on-site, you don’t have that luxury. Luckily, you can find containers that can be powered by your facility. For example, the containers sold by Aztec Container require 3 phase power and 440 volt electrical. And if your facility isn’t compatible with 440 volts, you can get a transformer to run your container on 220-volt power.

Where to buy a refrigerated shipping container

You have a lot of options when it comes to your cold storage container needs. Aztec Container sets itself apart from the competition by offering 20 foot and 40 foot reefer containers both new and used:

  • New, one trip reefer containers – These are reefers that are brand new; they are called “one trip” because they have transported cargo a single time – from the overseas location they were manufactured. They are all outfitted with cargo doors, interior lights, a Thermo-King Magnum refrigeration unit with a 1-year warranty, PVC Curtain and other features.
  • Used reefer containers – Save money while still choosing a quality product with used reefers. These refrigerated shipping containers are tested to ensure they are working as expected, and are available in 20 and 40-foot sizes. Ships nationwide!
  • Rental reefers – We offer cold storage containers for rent in California, Oregon, and Washington. These are highly recommended for seasonal or other temporary applications.

Need more reasons to go with Aztec Container for your cold storage project? Get a quote from us, and we will work with you to get your exact specifications for the reefer container you need!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“The boys at Aztec are great, Frank took care of all my needs for a customized cargo container. It was on time and a tricky installation to boot. It solved all my storage problems and it will pay for itself in two years since I don’t have to pay for expensive storage.”


“Needed a container asap with modification. These Guys GOT ON IT! Expedited the whole job for us with no extra charge. Had great costumer service and follow up. Got a great container at a great price on a rush Job. Could not be happier!”


“Second purchase from Aztec container and both times they have taken care of us!!!! Asked for some help with an expedited delivery and they completely outperformed and had it to us in one day! Great company and great service!!! A+ will definitely use for my next purchase!”


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