A Shipping Container at a Roller Rink!

If you’ve never been to a roller rink, it’s hard to describe just what makes it so much fun. You simply have to experience it for yourself. It’s a party on wheels, minus everything that makes some parties boring.

You can’t dance? So what. You don’t know anyone here? Oh well. Grab a set of skates and do a few laps anyway. Stop at the dining area for a soda and some snacks. Watch the skaters go by and take in the groovy music.

It’s just a good time is, simple as that. It’s really hard to not enjoy yourself at a roller rink.

San Diego’s Derby United

If you’re in San Diego for any reason, whether you live there, work there, or you’re just passing through, you owe it to yourself to check out  Derby United, an outdoor rink keeping the good times rolling as we finally start to come out of the age of Covid.


shipping containers at a roller rink
shipping containers at roller rinks

Of special note is the construction of the place. Many rinks are built from converted warehouses and factories, but if you give us a chance to do something outdoors in California, we’re going to do it outdoors. All you need is a bit of shelter for storage and the occasional cloudy or hot day, and you’re good to go.

So, Derby United uses a pretty simple layout, with a pair of rinks laid side by side, and a barricade of bleachers, fencing, and shipping containers separating it from the highway.

The shipping containers are the interesting part.

The main container houses the shopping & dining area. If you’re waiting out a bit of rain or you just need to get off your feet for a few minutes, they’ve got you covered. The second shipping container serves as secure storage and features classic graffiti-style artwork done by local artist Johanna Daly of Hanna Murals.

By using custom shipping containers, Derby United has bypassed a lot of the hassle and expenses that come with constructing this sort of place in a more conventional style. Were they to use traditional brick and mortar to erect the dining area, construction would take several months, at the least, and it would require all sorts of permits and licensing before a single brick could be placed.

With a shipping container-based solution, the whole building is essentially made to order. You tell your shipping container supplier what you want, and they hook you up.

You often see storage containers at construction sites, and you may think they look a little boring. Sure, most of them do. It’s just a metal box, after all. But the cool tagging on the storage container at United Derby should more than prove that you can have a unique-looking structure even if you’re using shipping containers.

There’s no need to hire an architect to design you something from the ground up. All it takes is a little style and a little imagination, and a storage container can be just as much of a recognizable landmark as any building.

The United Derby structure communicates the hip, streetwise vibe of the place with old school beats bumping for the skaters. Your container can communicate whatever it is you want it to communicate.

Considering a Secure Storage Solution?

The bottom line: there’s not much that a conventional building can do that a shipping container can’t. And there’s plenty that a storage container can do that a conventional building cannot.

If you want to build a mobile storefront that you can move from city to city as needed, that’s an option.

You don’t need to worry about what types of building materials are ideal for which climate, you don’t need to worry about permits and hiring an architect and a construction crew and hoping that you can bring it in under budget.

Let Aztec Containers know what you’re after, and they’ll get you set up with whatever you need, from cutting windows and doors to installing insulation and power.

Get in touch for a quote and you may be surprised at the possibilities you have available to you with custom shipping containers.