Aztec Container offers several mobile office solutions and these can be customized for use in educational settings. Shipping containers are versatile and so can easily be repurposed by schools as mobile classrooms, offices, and storage facilities.

Mobile Classrooms

Mobile classrooms constructed from shipping containers can be very useful additions to schools. They are movable and so are especially handy when space is limited and in situations where the student population grows beyond what the school can handle. These structures can be transported –which can help communities with changing educational requirements or based on construction delays and disaster situations which require temporary solutions.

Can these containers be customized? Yes! Aztec can help with amenities that can be installed inside these container boxes to make them a more effective learning environment. Proper insulation and ventilation will ensure students’ comfort, and these classrooms can be equipped with furnishings, insulation, and AC/heating. The adaptability and convenience that mobile classrooms provide can allows schools to respond to change and will ensure education remains uninterrupted.

Educational Offices

Educational institutions throughout the country often need office space for administrative tasks, counseling services, and other support functions. Aztec Container carries office containers in 10, 20, and 40 foot options, and these units can be easily customized. For example, they can include windows and doors, and insulation to provide a comfortable workspace.

The use of shipping containers as on-campus offices can even save money, since reduced construction time and materials may free up financial resources for other programs and improvements.

Storage Facilities

Schools may require storage facilities which can be used for textbooks, supplies, and even sports equipment. Like office units, these container buildings can be customized with shelving and entry points to meet the specific needs of schools. Shipping containers are durable, secured units and they are designed to protect assets from both the elements and unauthorized access. Steel structures are resistant to vandalism and weather conditions, making them a reliable choice.

Regardless of what type of container office you need, Aztec Container can help find a solution. Call 1-800-399-2126 for a quick quote or fill out our quote form.