should your next garage be a shipping container

You Can Create a Garage For Less Money with a Shipping Container

So, you need a new garage. Maybe the current one has fallen into disrepair and needs renovations, or you simply need to add some more space to store your belongings. Whatever your situation, building a brand-new garage of any size usually requires some major construction. But maybe a standard wood-frame garage built from scratch isn’t the most efficient – or economical – option out there. Well, it’s true: a shipping container garage can provide you with a spacious, sturdy new storage space for a fraction of the time, money, and effort you’d need to invest to renovate. Here’s how…

20 foot car storage containerSpacious, secure vehicle storage

A shipping container garage is great for car storage. A 20’ shipping container is the equivalent of a one car garage, or you can move up to 40’ if you want to store an additional vehicle. A shipping container garage can also store a variety of smaller vehicles like ATVs, motorcycles, and small watercraft like Jet Skis.

cargo containersEasily modular

Need even more space? Don’t fret – a shipping container garage is easy to expand upon. By nature, shipping containers are designed to fit closely together to offer a large amount of storage, and only minimal cutting and welding customization are required to add more. Adding onto a pre-existing structure such as your house requires a hefty amount of construction work, whereas it’s relatively easy to add onto a garage storage container with additional units.

20 foot custom steel containerSafe item storage

If you’re building a garage storage container, you’ll need to protect your items from the elements. Consider what kind of climate you live in; you’ll want to install proper insulation, so your garage is protected during periods of extreme heat or cold. Vents and windows can also be custom built into your shipping container to give the space extra light and air flow.

inside of a shipping containerMinimal maintenance

Of all the areas in a home, the garage is often the most overlooked. Unless you have a workshop or man cave in it, the only time you spend in it may be the time it takes you to get from your house to your car! So, it’s easy to miss areas infested by termites, mice, or other pests, flooded corners, or rotting timber. With a shipping container garage, you can put most of your maintenance worries out of your mind. Steel is eco-friendly. Unlike wood, steel can be recycled at the end of its lifespan, so when it does come time to replace it, you can rest easy knowing it will go on to create something new!

Why wait? Renovate!

Home renovation on any scale is a major undertaking. Whether you’re doing it yourself or are hiring contractors to do the bulk of the work, it takes a ton of time and effort (not to mention money). Choosing a shipping container garage can drastically reduce your expenses while providing you with a safe, secure space for personal belongings, work equipment, or car storage.
Of course, check with your local municipality before placing your shipping container on your property. Local laws may restrict the size of your container garage, so be sure to ask your city manager before you lay the foundation!
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