Consider Shipping Containers When Faced with a Lack of Warehouse Space

Online retail sales are at an all-time high. As a result, the need for warehouse spacing is growing. Unfortunately, as the need for storage continues to rise dramatically, warehouse space is failing to keep up with the demand. The scarcity of warehouse storage is opening up new opportunities for modernization and industry growth. If you’re facing the issue of the lack of warehouse space, here is some information about why you should consider using shipping containers for sale for storage.
shipping containers as warehouse space


Using shipping containers when faced with the lack of warehouse space is a cost-effective option. As you probably know, traditional storage facilities made up of several storage units can be quite expensive when factors like maintenance of the units and the building are considered. On the other hand, a shipping container is a relatively small investment. Also, the shipping container can be used immediately for storage without any modifications.

A used 40-foot shipping container could cost about half of building a permanent structure, (not to mention the time of building it), and it will provide more than 300 square feet of floor space.

You have many options in terms of the size of a shipping container. There is the 40-foot shipping container, the 20-foot shipping container, and the 10-foot shipping container. You will be able to choose a shipping container of a size that works best for you and your needs. Therefore, there is no need to worry if a 40-foot shipping container would be too large or too small for your needs.

shipping container with one large open door


Shipping containers are durable, making them an excellent option for storing materials outdoors. Most shipping containers are designed to carry cargo through extremely rough weather. It is common for shipping containers to withstand 50-foot waves and 100 mile-per-hour winds while at sea. Shipping containers will often rock side-to-side on a ship during a storm, yet remain perfectly intact without incurring any damage.

Most shipping containers are built to withstand rough elements. Not only is a shipping container able to stand up to strong forces, but it can also protect its contents. This includes trauma from a variety of sources and weather forces. Due to the construction and durability, you can also count on shipping containers to be reasonably secure. The solid build will offer you peace of mind from tampering and break-ins.

10 foot container with cargo doors


Another advantage of using shipping containers as storage is the convenience. Due to their build and size, it is possible to stack containers together to make more efficient use of the land. Sometimes, ladders or stairs are installed to make it easier to access each stacked storage unit.

Using shipping containers as storage is particularly convenient in comparison to the option of using an off-site storage facility. You can use the shipping containers to store key documents, materials, and machinery on-site. This will boost the productivity of your company and increase output by making it easier for your employees to access key items. Your company can also expect to save money due to the elimination of the need for the transportation of items from the off-site storage facility to your site.

shipping container with barred windows


A shipping container can be customized to fit your specific storage needs. There are endless varieties of layouts for customized containers. The intended purpose of the container will determine the customized layout needed. Containers come secured and can be wired for lighting, air conditioning, and heating. They are also available with front open doors, roll up doors or side doors and are well ventilated. If your storage needs require cold storage, you can get a refrigerated shipping container or an insulated one. You can even make part of the container into an office and the rest can be used for storage. Consider adding shelving or drywall to the inside of the shipping container to organize your important documents and supplies.
20 ft office shipping containers