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Are you looking for a shipping container or storage container solution for a Tijuana business?

Make sure to find a reputable San Diego dealer that’s located close to the border.

You’ll want to be able to view a large selection of containers and also be able to arrange for an easy pickup. Not to mention, when purchasing a container from a dealer close to the border, there is usually a significant cost advantage.

It is recommended that you inspect a container prior to purchasing one. When dealing with dealers in the US, not many allow Mexico businesses the convenience of viewing a container prior to purchasing.

Be cautious of purchasing a container from a photo in an online ad. If you see an ad online and a container is listed at a price that seems too good to be true, it probably is.

In most cases, when shopping for a shipping container, your needs are specific. You are not looking to buy a 20-foot shipping container to only fill it halfway. If you need a refrigerated shipping container, a standard container is not going to do. Shipping or storing a full storage container of goods is not cheap, so you cannot afford to settle for anything but exactly what you need.

Know What You’re Getting

A challenge you will face looking for shipping containers: A lot of the companies who sell them are brokers. That is, they are a handful of people in an office somewhere who simply serve as a go-between for a provider and a buyer. Around 97% of the world’s shipping containers are manufactured in China, so many North American companies simply send an order from local businesses to Chinese manufacturers, who send the container to the buyer.

This means that the people you’re buying from never even see the shipping containers themselves. They can’t tell you exactly what you’re buying because they’re not even sure exactly what they’re selling. They can give you the specs, but they can’t provide you with pictures, and they certainly can’t have you come to visit the company and see for yourself.

This is one of the reasons why, if you’re looking for shipping containers for sale in Tijuana, it’s very important to shop nearby. When buying from the US, you’re looking for sellers in states like Arizona, not New York or Washington. You’re probably going to want to go pick the container up yourself so that you can get a first-hand look at it, so you’re looking for sellers in driving distance, sellers close enough that you can get there, make sure that the container matches the description, and bring it home in a single day.

Here’s how you can make sure that you know what you’re getting:

Know what you need. You don’t want to buy a container to ship luxury cars only to find out that the container is two inches too narrow to accommodate the vehicles. Take measurements and talk to people in your industry to figure out precisely what you need.

Bear in mind that the specs can be misleading if you’re unfamiliar with shipping containers. For instance, a typical 20-foot container is actually 19 feet and 10.5 inches long. Ask for the actual measurements of the container.

Be clear on your specs. Whether you need a refrigerated 20-foot or 40-foot shipping container or a shipping container with roll-up doors, make sure to let your seller know that’s what you’re after.

Ask for pictures. You’ll probably want to make a final check-in person, but if they can’t provide you with photos, then it’s not worth making the trip.

Buy from the company that actually stores the units.

Don’t settle for the next best thing. If a provider doesn’t offer what you’re after, someone else does.

Check The Rep

A reputable shipping container seller will hit every point on this checklist:

They inspect their containers before they sell them.

They’re knowledgeable on the specs when you ask and can provide you with further info and photos on request.

An internet search on the company isn’t going to turn up tons of bad reviews.

They offer a fair price. The lowest price isn’t always the best option, but a reputable company will try to maintain competitive pricing.

They have great customer service. If something goes wrong, if there’s an issue with your purchase, you need to know that you can get in touch right away, not wait three days before you can call them.

Working with a company that you can trust is of the utmost importance when buying a shipping container for your Mexico business. This isn’t a pair of socks or a coffee mug, this is a shipping container, which can be a big investment into your business. You can’t afford to roll the dice on a company that waits weeks to return an email or refuses to send pictures of the units.

If you know what you need and you know what you’re getting, buying a shipping container can be the easiest thing in the world. Just make sure that you know what you need, and that you know what you’re getting.

Aztec Container, located in San Diego County, opened its doors in 1969 and began serving Southern California first, then expanded in Mexico and all of the US.

Based on our customer’s needs we started to do basic modifications such as painting to avoid rust and corrosion, adding vents for fresh air and walk-in doors to make our containers more user-friendly. It wasn’t long before Aztec Container specialized in customizing containers for all types and sizes.

Today we customize all types of containers for almost anything including events containers, office containers, refrigerated containers, insulated containers and even comfortable living quarters.

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