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Whatever event you may be planning for, whether it’s a fair, an office picnic, a music festival, you’re going to have a lot of little things to consider. From parking to security and yes, the concession stand. Folks are going to get hungry.

When it comes to setting up the concession stand, there are a few key points that we need to consider:

  • You could always sell your snacks and beverages out of a tent, and that may be fine for a small event. But when you have hundreds of people coming through, you need a little more space than that.
  • Tents and prefab structures take time to set up, and they take the time to take down. You don’t want to wind up renting the venue for an extra day just because you couldn’t get the snack shed down in time.
  • It’d be nice if you could just lock the concession stand up overnight and leave it there. Not only that, but you’ll probably want something that can hold up to harsh weather.

Our solution? A shipping container.

Why Secure Storage Makes the Perfect Concession Stand

A simple 10-foot shipping container, or larger depending on your needs, ticks every box on the list.

Simple Storage

A storage container is spacious enough to hold your entire inventory of snacks, drinks, and merchandise. A 40-foot shipping container might be more than most events will need, but a 20-foot shipping container should be just right for more concession stands than not.

An added convenience of using a shipping container: All your goodies are already stored for you. When it’s time to pack up shop, just hook it to the truck and drive off to your next adventure.

Simple Setup

All you need to do with a shipping container is park it. That’s it. You’re ready to start selling.

Custom shipping containers can be wired for electricity if you’re going to keep refrigerated goods on board, but even then, the only extra step you’re adding is looking for an outlet to plug it into.

It takes minutes to put the container in place, and minutes to drive it away. You won’t be fiddling around with tent poles or stacking prefab walls into the back of a truck.

And here’s where your business sense should kick in: you won’t be spending all that extra money paying your crew to set your stand up and take it back down. Your wallet, and your team’s backs, will thank you.

Simple Security

When it’s time to close up shop for the night, all you need to do is close the door and lock it up. With a tent or a flimsy prefab shack, you’re going to have to take the time to pull all of those snacks off the shelves and find somewhere to store them.

You can break into a tent with a pair of scissors. For a storage container, you’re going to need a welding torch. And anyone who’s going to those extremes probably isn’t going to risk jail time for a bag of potato chips.

You’re also secure against the elements. A strong wind can knock a prefab snack shack right over or whip a tent right into the sky. It would take a hurricane to budge a shipping container.

All That and Customizable Too

As handy as a 10-foot shipping container may be when it comes to storage, setup, and security, if it doesn’t look like a concession stand, you’re not going to make a lot of sales, so customizability matters, too.

Because of the simple structure of a shipping container, you can do just about anything you like with them. You can add a vending window, you can add some doors, a refrigerator, anything you need to add to make sure that your customers know where to find the chips and sodas.

Is A Shipping Container the Perfect Solution For Businesses Operating During Covid?

 Shipping Containers might be the perfect solution for businesses and or restaurants that cannot operate normally during the Covid pandemic.

With Covid-19 cases skyrocketing across the country, many cities, counties, and states have banned everything but take-out from bars and restaurants. A concession stand shipping container could be the perfect solution for your restaurant.  Allowing for easy takeout service with the option of refrigeration, electricity, shelving, and more customization.

Of course, you should check on your local restrictions, but in many places, a shipping container would allow you to operate your concession business.

And you would be well placed with your new concession stand once life gets back to normal. You can easily start operating at fairs, farmers markets, music festivals, and other events with hungry and thirsty people.

No two businesses are exactly the same, so no two shipping container solutions are the same. So, if you’re ready to get started, you’ll want to get in touch with us.

Contact us today and learn how we can help you with your build your perfect concession stand!

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