When it comes to customizing a office shipping container, the easy answer is “Just tell us, we’ll get you all set up.” But, there’s a little more to it than that.

Essentially, a shipping container is just a box. But there are a lot of options to be considered when you want to customize an office container or a storage container. So let’s break it down piece by piece:

How To Customize An Office Shipping Container: Items You Can Customize


We’re pretty much starting with the walls here. You pick out your dimensions and then you decide what you need inside. If you’re looking up “shipping containers for sale” so that you can use it as a storage shed or a garage, you’ll probably be fine with bare metal. But if this is going to be any sort of living or working space, shipping container offices, for example, or workshops, then you’ll want to ask about insulation and drywall.



When you see a standard container, you’ll notice that they mostly have those big double-swing doors. That’s fine for lockups and shipping, but a roll-up garage door may be more your speed if you don’t have the free space to be swinging those giant doors around. Or you can go with sliding glass doors or standard office doors if you’re trying to create a more cozy, welcoming kind of space.


For storage, you might not need anything more than a single outlet or some recessed lights so that you can see what you’re reaching for. Obviously, for a working space or living quarters, you’ll need a little more than that. Full wiring would include a breaker box, exterior outlets, lights, and maybe some phone jacks if you want internet running through the place.


Sliding glass windows will help to create a homey atmosphere, but fixed windows may be more practical if the container’s function is primarily utilitarian. Ticket windows are also available for security booths, pop-up stores, etc.

Climate Control

Air conditioning and heat are a must for living quarters, of course. But certain storage rooms may require some sort of climate control, as well. If you’re using the container to house livestock, for instance, or fresh food, you need to be in control of the temperature. A/C and heating can be built right into the container so that you’re not running a bunch of box fans out with extension cords.


Plumbing can include all the basic break-room stuff, like sinks and a water heater, or you can set up a whole shower station with toilets and shower stalls. If you’re running a work space, eye washing stations may be a requisite, so of course, that’s an option as well.


Interior partitions are what will be used to create walls inside the structure. These can be plugged right in or customized with doors, windows, cut-outs and so on.


The bare metal floor of a container is fine for storage and shipping, but not something you want to be walking on every day if this is where you live, play, or work. Sheet vinyl and composite vinyl tile are available as flooring options.


As with your car, the paint on a container isn’t just for show. It helps to stave off rust and keep the metal safe from the elements. If it’s not a big concern for you, or if you find a container office for sale that’s already the perfect color, you can always leave it as is. But if you need a certain shade of blue or you’ve gotta have that clean, whitewash look, you can have your container painted just about any color you like.

When shopping for a shipping container office for sale or something to use for storage or a garage or a small business, you might be lucky enough to find something that matches your needs right off the bat. But if not, every feature of your container can be customized from the ground up, piece by piece, to suit your specs, or adapted from an existing unit.

That’s the trick with shipping container solutions: the components are simple and interchangeable, so the possibilities are endless.

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