Shipping containers have often been repurposed in a number of creative ways. These include pop-up shops, storage units, and various others. In recent years however, they have evolved to include further customizations, including the integration of bathroom facilities.

These innovative containers are stand-alone units equipped with plumbing, as well as all the necessary amenities you’d expect to find in a traditional restroom. Aztec Container can customize these to include toilets and sinks, making them a versatile solution for offices, construction sites, and outdoor events.

The Benefits of Shipping Container Bathrooms

There are many benefits in having shipping container bathrooms. The most obvious is mobility – which is extremely valuable in industries such as construction, where job sites can change frequently. Then there is of course, convenience. Having a bathroom designed within a mobile office can enhance the comfort of a workspace without having to rely on external facilities or in lost time searching for public restrooms. These convenient setups can also ensure proper sanitation and hygiene since units will be easy to clean and maintain, and will meet essential health and safety standards. Quick access to restroom facilities may even contribute to productivity since employees don’t have to leave the site or interrupt their workflow to use off-site restrooms.

From the business point of view, shipping container bathrooms can be a cost-effective alternative to building permanent onsite restrooms and their versatility allows them to be used almost anywhere, such as outdoor events, construction sites, and even for disaster relief efforts.

Aztec Container professionals can customize these units in a number of ways – adding AC/heating, outlets, etc., and of course toilets, showers, and sinks. Access points such as windows, office doors/sliding glass doors can also be installed.

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