Pedestrian walkways can be constructed using ISO standard shipping containers, (often referred to as conex containers). These temporary fixtures provide a number of benefits and do so with a design which is open at either end, offering an advantage for pedestrians around construction sites.

Safety and Efficiency of Mobile Walkways

Since safety is essential, pedestrian walkways are important to maintaining a secure environment. These walkways create safe passages while still allowing visibility and easy access to the site, and the design can minimize the risk of accidents from debris—ensuring that workers and locals can navigate the area with greater confidence and less chance of injury.

Quick deployment of pedestrian walkways is another benefit, and shipping containers can be swiftly transformed into walkways and connected together to fit the desired length. Their open-ended design allows for easy stacking and arrangement, speeding up the setup process, which is important for keeping projects on schedule and reducing disruptions for workers as well as pedestrians.

Flexibility and Mobility of Walkway Containers

Looking for customizable configurations? The modular nature of shipping containers also offers flexibility in design and layout. Aztec Container can offer a customized open-ended design allowing for the adaptability to fit the specific needs of a project—for example, containers can be stacked, connected as pedestrian tunnels, or arranged in various configurations, making them useful solution for different work zones. Shipping containers also have an industrial aesthetic that complements modern construction sites, and their clean lines and appearance can enhance the visual appeal of chaotic zones while serving a practical purpose.

Once a construction project is fully completed, these temporary walkways can be disassembled and moved to another site (if necessary). This mobility is particularly useful for construction companies with multiple ongoing projects, and this allows them to maximize the use of their walkways.

Aztec Container specializes in these and several other types of shipping containers, including office, refrigerated, storage, car storage, and event units, and these can be customized to meet your unique needs. Call us at 1-800-399-2126 for a quick quote or fill out our form for additional information.

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