20 foot shipping containers are essential for small to medium-sized business owners and construction managers who require reliable, durable storage and workspace solutions. These containers offer a versatile, secure, and cost-effective method to manage space constraints and enhance operational efficiency on-site.

Importance: Given their size and adaptability, 20-foot containers provide multi-use functionality ranging from standard storage spaces to specialized modifications like offices, refrigerated units, or custom workshops. They represent a crucial asset in logistics, construction, and many other industries seeking mobility and simplicity in operations.

Uses: These containers are suited for a plethora of applications. They can serve as temporary or permanent site storage, mobile offices during construction projects, conditioned spaces for sensitive materials, pop-up retail settings, or personalized living spaces in the growing trend of tiny homes.

20-foot shipping containers streamline the set-up process in various environments, whether urban or remote. They are designed to be easily transported and set up, making them an ideal choice for businesses that value efficiency and flexibility.

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Understanding 20 Foot Shipping Containers

When you’re considering a 20 foot shipping container, know about their dimensions, capacity, and the materials they are made from. This knowledge will help you select the right container for your needs, whether it’s for storage, transport, or a customized project.


The standard dimensions of a 20 foot shipping container are:
Length: 20 feet
Width: 8 feet
Height: 8 feet 6 inches

These measurements make the container spacious enough to accommodate a variety of needs while still being compact enough to fit in tight spaces like a standard parking lot.


Internally, a 20 foot shipping container typically offers about 1,172 cubic feet of space. However, it’s important to note that the actual usable space might be slightly less due to the thickness of the container’s walls. This space is ample for storing contents of a small home or setting up a mobile office.


20 foot shipping containers are predominantly made from Corten steel, also known as weathering steel. This material is highly prized for its strength and durability. Corten steel forms a stable, rust-like appearance after years of exposure to the weather, which protects the steel from further corrosion. This makes these containers exceptionally suited for outdoor use and in harsh weather conditions.

Understanding these fundamental aspects of 20 foot shipping containers will assist you in making informed decisions about purchasing or renting one. Their robust construction and ample space make them an invaluable resource in various applications, from simple storage solutions to complex modifications.

Types of 20 Foot Shipping Containers

When considering a 20 foot shipping container for your needs, understand the different types available. Each type serves unique purposes and offers specific features that might be crucial for your requirements. Let’s delve into the main types of 20-foot containers offered by Aztec Container.

Standard 20 Foot Containers

The standard 20-foot container is the most common choice for basic storage and transport needs. It features:

  • Dimensions: Typically 20 feet in length, 8 feet in width, and 8 feet 6 inches in height.
  • Material: Made from durable Corten steel.
  • Usage: Ideal for dry goods, furniture, and other standard storage needs.

High Cube Containers

High Cube containers are similar to standard containers but offer an extra foot in height, making them about 9 feet 6 inches tall.

  • Increased Volume: Provides more space, about 36.9 cubic meters, which is perfect for taller items or stacked goods.
  • Application: Best suited for light, voluminous cargo or bulky items.

Refrigerated Containers

Refrigerated, or “reefer,” containers are essential for transporting or storing perishable goods that require temperature control.

  • Temperature Control: Equipped with an integrated refrigeration unit that can maintain specific temperatures.
  • Specialty Use: Ideal for food, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive products.

Insulated Containers

Insulated containers are modified with insulation but without active temperature control, different from refrigerated units.

  • Thermal Efficiency: Helps maintain a more consistent internal temperature.
  • Use Case: Suitable for goods that need protection from extreme temperatures but do not require a controlled temperature.

Customized Containers

Customized containers are tailored to meet specific needs, which can include modifications like additional doors, windows, or interior modifications.

  • Flexibility: Can be modified to serve as mobile offices, workshops, pop-up retail spaces, or living spaces.
  • Personalization: Modifications are made based on customer specifications to suit particular needs.

Aztec Container provides a range of these types, ensuring that whether you need a simple storage solution or a complex customized setup, there are options available. Each container type serves distinct purposes and choosing the right one depends on the specific requirements of your cargo or project. Understanding these options will help you make an informed decision that aligns with your logistical needs and budget considerations.

Cost Factors for 20 Foot Shipping Containers

When considering the purchase of 20 foot shipping containers, several cost factors come into play. These include the condition of the container, its type, the location from which it is being purchased, and the delivery specifics. Each of these elements can significantly impact the overall cost. Let’s break down these factors:


  • New Containers: These are often referred to as “One-Trip” containers because they have been used only once. They are in excellent condition, almost like new, but they are also the most expensive. Prices for new 20-foot containers start around $3,000.
  • Used Containers: More affordable than new ones, prices for used containers start at about $2,475. They might show signs of wear such as dents and rust but are fully functional. It’s crucial to inspect used containers or request detailed photos to ensure they meet your needs.


Different types of containers come with varying price tags:
Standard Containers are the most common and generally the least expensive.
Refrigerated (Reefer) Containers and Insulated Containers are pricier due to their specialized features for controlling the temperature inside.
Customized Containers, such as those modified for office space or living areas, can be the most costly depending on the extent of modifications.


The cost of a container can vary depending on where it is purchased. Prices can differ significantly across different regions due to factors like availability and local market conditions. Additionally, if the container needs to be shipped from a distant location, this can further increase the cost.


  • Proximity: The closer the delivery location to the supplier’s facilities, the lower the transportation cost.
  • Accessibility: Costs can increase if the delivery site is difficult to access or requires special handling during delivery.
  • Setup: Some suppliers charge extra for setting up the container at the desired location.

Example: Imagine you are buying a used 20-foot standard container from Aztec Container, located in a rural area 100 miles away from the nearest large city. The base price might be around $2,475. However, delivery charges could add another $300 to $500 depending on the distance and site accessibility.

Understanding these factors will help you budget appropriately and choose the right container that fits both your needs and your financial constraints. Always consider the long-term value versus the upfront cost, and remember that investing in the right container can save money and headaches down the road.

In the next section, we will explore how to choose the right 20 foot shipping container based on security features, durability, and modification options.

How to Choose the Right 20 Foot Shipping Container

Choosing the right 20 foot shipping container involves considering several key factors such as security features, durability, and modification options. Here’s a straightforward guide to help you make an informed decision.

Security Features

Security is a top priority when selecting a shipping container. Here’s what to look for:

  • Lock Boxes: A steel box that protects the padlock from tampering. Aztec Container includes lock boxes on many of their containers, enhancing security against break-ins.
  • Heavy-Duty Padlocks: Invest in a high-quality padlock that is resistant to bolt cutters.
  • Alarm Systems: For added security, especially in less secure areas, consider installing an alarm system.
  • Security Cameras: If the container is stationed in a remote area, security cameras can monitor and record activities.

These features are crucial if you’re storing valuable items or if the container is located in a vulnerable area.


Durability is another critical factor. 20 foot shipping containers are typically made from Corten steel, known for its weather resistance and longevity. Here’s what to check:

  • Rust Resistance: Ensure the container is coated or treated to resist rust and corrosion.
  • Condition of the Container: Choose new or one-trip containers for the best quality and longevity. Aztec Container provides both new and used options, allowing you to select based on your durability needs.
  • Flooring Quality: Check that the container flooring is intact and robust, typically made from marine-grade plywood which withstands heavy loads and frequent use.

Modification Options

The ability to customize a shipping container to meet specific needs is a significant advantage. Aztec Container offers various modification options:

  • Insulation: Essential if you’re using the container in extreme weather conditions, helping maintain temperature control.
  • Electrical Installations: Necessary for containers converted into offices or workshops, providing power for lighting and equipment.
  • Windows and Skylights: These additions enhance natural light and ventilation, making the container more comfortable for workspaces.
  • Custom Paint: Personalize or brand your container with specific colors or logos to match your business identity or personal taste.

When considering modifications, think about the intended use of the container. Whether it’s for storage, a mobile office, or a specialized environment like a pop-up shop, the right modifications can transform a basic container into a highly functional space.

To continue, the next section will answer some frequently asked questions about 20 foot shipping containers, providing further insights into their versatility and functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions about 20 Foot Shipping Containers

What is the average cost of a 20ft container?

The cost of a 20 foot shipping container can vary significantly based on several factors including the condition (new or used), specific features, and the supplier’s location. Generally, prices for a used 20-foot container start at about $2,475. New or specialized types like refrigerated or insulated containers may cost more due to their additional features and benefits.

Can a car fit in a 20 foot container?

Yes, a car can fit inside a 20 foot shipping container. These containers typically have an internal length of about 19 feet 4 inches and a width of 7 feet 8 inches, which is sufficient for most standard cars. However, it’s important to measure your vehicle before attempting to fit it into a container, as some larger models or vehicles with accessories might not fit.

How much can you fit in a 20 foot shipping container?

A 20 foot shipping container offers approximately 1,172 cubic feet of space. This size is capable of holding the contents of a three-bedroom house, making it ideal for small to medium storage needs. For businesses, it’s ample space for storing inventory, tools, or equipment securely and efficiently.

When exploring the potential uses and capabilities of 20 foot shipping containers, consider these frequently asked questions to better understand how they can meet your specific needs. Whether for personal storage, business use, or even as a creative living space, these containers offer a versatile and cost-effective solution.


At Aztec Container, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive array of 20 foot shipping containers that are designed to meet a wide range of needs. Whether you’re looking to buy or rent, our containers provide a sustainable, secure, and cost-effective solution for storage, transportation, and innovative modifications.

Sustainable Solutions: We are committed to sustainability. Our containers are crafted to be reused and repurposed, which helps minimize waste and reduce the need for new materials. This approach not only supports environmental sustainability but also offers creative and functional solutions for our customers. From transforming containers into chic pop-up retail spaces to comfortable mobile offices, the possibilities are endless.

Long-term Value: Choosing a container from Aztec Container means investing in quality. Constructed from durable, corrosion-resistant Corten steel and designed to withstand harsh conditions, our containers offer security and longevity. With proper maintenance, they can serve a variety of purposes for decades, making them a highly cost-effective option over time.

Our customers have consistently praised the versatility and quality of our containers. For instance, one customer noted, “The boys at Aztec are great, Frank took care of all my needs for a customized cargo container. It was on time and a tricky installation to boot. It solved all my storage problems and it will pay for itself in two years since I don’t have to pay for expensive storage.” This kind of feedback underscores our commitment to customer satisfaction and the adaptability of our products.

We invite you to explore the potential of our 20 foot shipping containers and discover how they can meet your needs while offering lasting value. Whether you’re looking for a standard container for storage or a customized solution for a unique project, Aztec Container is here to help. Visit our 20-Foot Containers page to learn more about our offerings and how you can customize your own container.

By choosing Aztec Container, you’re not just purchasing a container; you’re investing in a solution that supports both your immediate needs and long-term goals, while also contributing to a more sustainable future. Join us in embracing these versatile, durable, and innovative solutions.

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