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A shipping container is, in many ways, the most viable and versatile tool on a construction site.

Semi-Permanent Structures for A Semi-Permanent Jobsite

What it fundamentally comes down to is the simple fact that a construction site is not a permanent fixture. Sooner or later, the construction site will no longer be a construction site, but a finished building. And yet, you need structures in place to facilitate a building crew and all of their supplies, and sometimes tents and tarps simply won’t do the trick.

To cover just a few of these necessary structures:

And this is just for starters. If you have a crew who stay on-site, you’re going to need quarters to house them. Maybe you want a break room or a visitor center. Maybe you need something around the perimeter a little more secure than a temporary chain-link fence.

The needs of one construction project won’t necessarily look like the needs of another. You might need everything listed above, or just an office and storage. Whatever your project needs, shipping containers can provide.

The Versatility of a Shipping Container


to house a shipping container office or crew’s quarters, or a simple 20-foot shipping container can serve as a storage lockup when you need a storage lockup, and double as a perimeter wall.

When you get right down to it, a shipping container is just a box. Simple as that. A trailer is always going to be a trailer, a prefab office is always going to be an office. But a box is anything it needs to be.

Because of how these containers are built, you can cut windows and doors into them wherever they’re needed without compromising the structural integrity. Because their design is so simple, they fit just about anywhere you need them to fit. Because they don’t need a foundation laid underneath or a peaked roof overhead, they can be set up in minutes.

They’re suitable for any climate, they don’t need to be built up or torn down, you can pick them up and move them wherever you want when the project is finished, and they can be adapted to any purpose.

It’s just a box. And because it’s just a box, it can be anything you need it to be, wherever you need it to be it.

Shipping Containers are A Unique Solution to A Unique Problem

Again: No two construction projects are quite the same. Even if you’re building two identical homes in the same planned community, the second one might be built on a slope, or it might involve pulling a lot of trees out of the ground before you can lay a foundation, or you might have a larger crew for this one, or any number of things that make all the difference in the world.

This means that there’s really no one-size-fits-all solution. A couple 10-foot shipping containers might be more than enough storage space for a small job, but you might need a 40-foot shipping container for this new project. Maybe you were fine with not having a dedicated office space before, but you really need a quiet place on-site to meet with the client now.

Every project is different, every building crew is different, and a solution needs to be custom-tailored.

This is why most construction crews are not simply going to pick a few shipping containers off a website, but rather, get in touch with a shipping container company and get a quote.

If you’ve never bought a shipping container before, you might not know exactly what it is that you’re looking for. That’s where a company’s experience in the firm can come in handy: You tell them how much storage space you’re going to need, how many people you have working for you and what the project entails, and they’ll steer you in the right direction.

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