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At Aztec Containers, we make sure to provide Elko with storage containers that will surely make a difference in onsite operations. Each unit is made out of 6' to 8' gauge steel, ensuring your company of a durable, portable, and secure container to use in the field.

These steel storage containers for use in Elko will provide your company with more than just extra space. Each of our units can also be modified to become onsite work stations. Whether it's electrical outlets, climate control and restroom facilities, flooring, or windows and lighting fixtures, you can be sure to maximize the space inside your Sacramento storage container.

When it comes to size, Aztec Containers makes sure that your storage needs are met; our Sacramento storage containers are available in 10, 20, or 40-foot dimensions.

Here at Aztec Containers, we make sure that you and your company will be able to enjoy this excellent onsite storeroom and office space by making these products available to you.

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